Support Engineer

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所屬行業: 互聯網
企業規模: 51-150人
發布日期: 2016-12-22 工作地點: 福州 招聘人數: 2
月薪待遇: 10000-14999 工作年限: 二年以上 語言要求: 英語(熟練) 英語(精通)
最低學歷要求: 本科 年齡要求: 23歲-38歲 工作類型: 全職


· Communicate with our external partners;
· Provide technical support towards external partners, content providers and suppliers;
· Development certification setup;
· Development support knowledgebase;
· Cooperate with internal and external stakeholders including
o Platform suppliers
o Validation team
o Business Development team
· One or two year experience
· Development
o HTML(5), xml, XHTML, CSS(3)
o javascript
o Server side scripting languages, PHP, ASP or others
o Servers – Linux, Windows
o frameworks – Angular, JQuery, dojo, prototype
o Databases – MySQL, MS SQL Server
· Good communication skills, English language fluent;
· Customer Service oriented;
· Problem analyzing and solving skills.
· Used network sniffing tools like Wireshark or Proxy servers (also with SSL);
· Experience with QA improvement;

Contact Us
· If you are interesting to this position, please send your resume to .



Beijing Zeasn Information Technology Co., Ltd. Introduction
Beijing Zeasn Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Zeasn Info Tech Co., Ltd) was founded in Beijing, 2011. Since establishment the company business developed rapidly for serving many domestic and international smart TV, smart set-top box manufacturers and video license companies.

Companies endeavor to be the most valuable smart hardware service provider so as to provide one-station service for global smart TV and participate in building international smart ecosystem for providing more qualified service for global smart TV users.

From 2012 to 2013 Zeasn info cooperated with Haier, Philips and AOC in which all the smart terminals used Zeasn app store solutions and its’ operations in charged by. In 2014 company expanding overseas markets and building partnerships Konka and BenQ. Currently service regions include: Southeast Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.

In 2015, Zeasn will make solution more perfectly to improve overall operational capability. Currently it has confirmed to develop overseas video application playback and gaming center. We believe that complete solution can bring more overseas device manufactures more surprises and benefits.
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